An Introduction

img_6499College is a tough time for some. Trying to be responsible and juggling a social life with little to no money can be very difficult. I am an older college student than most, but I still like drinking and oddly I like studying. Because of this, two years ago I started mixing the two and found some hot, and not so hot, places to chill for hours at a time.

When I first started college it was difficult for me to get into a groove. Studying was on the back burner because I wanted to “do things” out and about. With an assumption that I cannot be the only one that has experienced this conundrum, Study Drunk will do its damnedest on supplying you with the information needed to accommodate both.

This will be a place for reviews on restaurant/bars that meet certain criteria: cost of well drinks and beer, connectivity, environment, and food; the purpose being that you spend more time studying while enjoying yourself at the same time.

One thing to remember, whether you are studying or just going for fun, is to tip the wait staff. This is the most crucial piece of information I can impart. You will be taking their time and section. Do not be a rude student/person. Tip them and they will remember you and be more inviting in future returns.

Recommendations and input is valued. Follow me on Twitter and holla atcha ya boy, Big Dane.


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