Black Sheep Lodge

BSL has been my go-to bar for many years now. Before college my friends and I would go for the great atmosphere, the TV covered walls, and the great daily drink specials. Now I go more to study and drink.


Black Sheep Lodge is located on the thriving South Lamar Blvd.  If you live in the southern part of Austin, you may have already been there. During the day there is not a lot patrons and seats are easy to find. At night it can get pretty busy so daytime is your best bet to be out of the way and get some work done.

Food and Beer

The food is your typical bar fare with their most notable being the hamburgers. The prices are a bit high but they do have a great lunch menu that will not set you back. The queso is good for snacking and comes with refillable chips.

img_20170212_190512The one thing that keeps me going back to BSL is the amazing daily drink specials. BSL has a tremendous selection of beers on tap and in bottles/cans. They have can beer specials throughout the week. However, one day beats out the rest: Wednesday’s. On Wednesday’s they have $1.00 White Trash Cans which include Lone State and PBR tall boys. Saturday will quench your liquor kick and will only set you back $3.00 for well drinks.


BSL has public WiFi which seems to be reliable. It is better for you to have all your electronics charged but just in case there are plugs located throughout the place.


2108 S Lamar Blvd Austin, TX 78704
Sunday through Friday: 11am to 12am
Saturday: 11am to 1am
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