Backspin Sports Bar and Grill

bs1Backspin was my home for about two years. Every night I would close my store and my coworkers and I would go and drink ourselves into a stupor. They set the requirements for cost of alcohol and their food has always been great.

This may be the only thing I write that contains massive amounts of unfair, positive judgement.  


Backspin is located on the tail end of MoPac in the Circle C area of Austin. With it’s location, Backspin is the only bar in the general area that is open until 2:00a.m. The bar has a patio, TVs, a long bar and some of the best wait staff I have ever met. You will find a bunch of regulars at this bar and on the weekends you will find this place packed to the brim.

Food and Beer

The food at Backspin is great. The chef is constantly changing the menu. If something doesn’t work out they replace it with something new. Their hamburgers are phenomenal. However, their kitchen does close around 11:00p.m. but keeps a limited menu consisting of…PIZZA!

bs2The beer is cheap as well. They have $2.50 tall boy PBR’s, $2.50 pint Ziegenbock and well shots ranging from $3.00-$3.50. But if you require something a bit more expensive they have you covered with their massive beer and top shelf liquor selection.

They have daily drink specials ranging from Texas beers and liquors to wine Wednesday. Keeping with the basics, you should save some money and have a great time doing so.


The WiFi is password protected and asking a waitress will land you the magical words. It is reliable and I have personally successfully completed an online exam with no interruptions. They do lack plugs but you can find a table or two to get you charging. Again, asking a waitress for help and they will be thankful to lend assistance.


Backspin is a great place to go when you are charged, the sun is shining and want to get away from the typical people who frequent the more populated bars. If you are a good person who respect the waitress and come back again and again, you will love this place.


5000 W Slaughter Ln #206, Austin, TX 78749
Monday through Sunday: 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.


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