Study Drunk Presents: A Blog Review

In keeping with the alcohol theme, I decided to review another blog that deals with alcohol. In the midst of my searches to find the blog that “felt right,” I found Stories From the Pub, a beer and spirits review site that sometimes tells of the adventures in finding new beers or spirits.

The blog is written by one gentleman who, after trying hundreds of different types of beers and spirits, rates alcohol in the fashion of The Beer Advocate. He is whisky and beer orientated but does not stop just there. With over 100 posts, you can find great descriptions of most types of beers, whiskeys and other types of spirits.

He uses a scale starting at zero to “fucking excellent.” He differentiates the scales depending on whether it is whisky (1-100 scale) or other spirits or beers (1-6 scale).

Screen grab of Stories From The Pub home screen

Site Navigation

His site is easy to use. He has a link to the list of all the alcohol he has rated for easy navigation. Instead of the entire post being presented on the main page, he uses an excerpt to describe the alcohol with a picture so the reader can click “continue reading” if they are interested in learning more.


The guy is “just a guy with dreams of opening a brewpub one day.” If you would like to get a more personal suggestion or rating of an obscure beer or whiskey, this may be the place to go.






2 thoughts on “Study Drunk Presents: A Blog Review

  1. Reblogged this on Stories From The Pub and commented:
    I am extremely honoured to share with you Study Drunk’s review of my blog! Study Drunk, a journey to find cheap drinks and study spots, is a blog run by a university student in Texas. Most of his posts consist of recommendations for places where you can study and drink at the same time in Austin, Texas. Then there’s also his flattering review of my blog. Thank you, kind sir!


  2. […] Study Drunk Presents: A Blog Review was an interesting experience for me. I wrote the post about a blog that rated alcohol and different types of spirits. Low and behold the writer of the blog praised me for the love and come to find out that he is from Canada. Because of the geographical region he and his followers lived, I garnered a lot of post views from Canada and a few from the UK. […]


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