Corner Bar Austin


Corner Bar Austin in located just as the name suggest, on a corner. It is another bustling bar on the very popular South Lamar Blvd. that sits adjacent to many other local watering holes. The location of this particular bar is what gave me the idea to study here. After studying I can either plant myself here or I can walk either north or south and end up somewhere else.


Since it opened in a renovated gas station in 2012, Corner Bar has been a nice and clean place to hang out with friends. With their concrete bar tops, darts, corn hole, many picnic tables and heavy duty interior tables, this small establishment has a lot to offer. On a beautiful day you can catch the exterior packed more than the interior with people enjoying the entertainment that South Lamar can provide them.

Food and Beer

One thing many people notice when pulling up to Corner Bar is the food truck right outside the front doors. Brown’s Bar-B-Que has been blessing this area of South Lamar with the sweet smell of barbeque for years now. This symbiotic relationship exist and works because of the benefits to each business. Corner Bar doesn’t need a large back-of-house to provide its customers with food and Brown’s doesn’t need to have a liquor license. This relationship is wonderful for us, the consumer. If bar-be-que doesn’t suit your needs, Corner Bar offers complimentary popcorn.

The drink cost can reflect the cost of doing business in this area of Austin. They have competitive drink prices and have daily drink and happy hour specials. The daily drinks are great and the cost of a PBR will set you back $3.00.


WiFi is available to everyone via a public WiFi connect. It is durable if you do not get sidetracked playing with darts outside. Plugs are intermittent but are located throughout the place. The patios even have a few you can use but always remember to charge before going anywhere to study.


Corner Bar is a great addition to the great bar scene we have in Austin. Its location is perfect for studying during the day venturing around this ever growing part of town. Brown’s out front will leave you licking your chops just from the smell of smoke alone and I have yet to hear a bad song play on the radio.

They tend to open a little later than other places I reviewed but that should not stop you from coming if you can during the week to get some work done.


1901 S. Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78704
Monday through Wednesday: 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Thursday through Sunday: 12 p.m. to 2 a.m.

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