Study Drunk: The Recap

Tonight I am wrapping up this blog. It has been a fun journey and like most things, it must come to an end. This final excerpt will take a look at the highs and the lows of this three and a half month old blog.

Most Popular Post

Study Drunk Presents: A Blog Review was an interesting experience for me. I wrote the post about a blog that rated alcohol and different types of spirits. Low and behold the writer of the blog praised me for the love and come to find out that he is from Canada. Because of the geographical region he and his followers lived, I garnered a lot of post views from Canada and a few from the UK.

Most Popular Month

To coincide with my most popular post, March was my most popular month because of the blog review post. I also wrote about Backspin which I have friends that work there that viewed and passed the blog a round tiny bit.

Biggest Surprise

The biggest surprise was the amount of robot generated comments. I would get quite a few notifications saying that I had a comment to approve and I would come to find out that it was just  a spam message.

Twitter Analytic

The first thing I want to write about is how grateful the restaurants were when I tagged their handle on Twitter. Between a private message or a simple like, their social media was on point and made sure to let me know that they appreciated what I did.

The most engaged Twitter post I did was of Black Sheep Lodge. This post was my first post and the first one to also get a message from the person running the Twitter feed for the bar.


This was a fun experience and I wish I could take it in a new direction and maintain it. However with the hustle of school, going to a bar to study is one thing, but trying to write a post about the bar is a whole other beast.

One day my friends, one day.

Thank you for reading!


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