10358348_431411207011479_1648825533_nWelcome to my FDOM blog for school at Texas State! My name is Bradley Parks and I am a junior at Texas State. I was in the concrete packaging business for eight years prior to returning to school. There I held positions in production, shipping and left as upper management. I am now pursuing a career in radio but that very well may change.

I grew up in a small town east of Waco, called Teague with a population 2,800. My original aspirations were to become a mechanic. However this never happened. Through a series of events I ended up working at a concrete packaging plant in Austin. At the plant, I held numerous positions and I eventually, after seven years of service, started to dislike my job. So I quit and started going to school at Austin Community College then transferred to Texas State.

The places on this blog are actual places that I have been and have done some type of homework. A lot of what I have/will posted will be in a positive aspect because it is hard for me to talk negatively about places I love.


Bradley Parks