Study Drunk: The Recap

Tonight I am wrapping up this blog. It has been a fun journey and like most things, it must come to an end. This final excerpt will take a look at the highs and the lows of this three and a half month old blog.

Most Popular Post

Study Drunk Presents: A Blog Review was an interesting experience for me. I wrote the post about a blog that rated alcohol and different types of spirits. Low and behold the writer of the blog praised me for the love and come to find out that he is from Canada. Because of the geographical region he and his followers lived, I garnered a lot of post views from Canada and a few from the UK.

Most Popular Month

To coincide with my most popular post, March was my most popular month because of the blog review post. I also wrote about Backspin which I have friends that work there that viewed and passed the blog a round tiny bit.

Biggest Surprise

The biggest surprise was the amount of robot generated comments. I would get quite a few notifications saying that I had a comment to approve and I would come to find out that it was just  a spam message.

Twitter Analytic

The first thing I want to write about is how grateful the restaurants were when I tagged their handle on Twitter. Between a private message or a simple like, their social media was on point and made sure to let me know that they appreciated what I did.

The most engaged Twitter post I did was of Black Sheep Lodge. This post was my first post and the first one to also get a message from the person running the Twitter feed for the bar.


This was a fun experience and I wish I could take it in a new direction and maintain it. However with the hustle of school, going to a bar to study is one thing, but trying to write a post about the bar is a whole other beast.

One day my friends, one day.

Thank you for reading!


Lazarus Brewing Company

Laz finThe final installment rests in the hands of Lazarus Brewing Company. Finally giving an authentic, unbiased review, I decided that my last post will consist of a place I have never been to.

Lazarus sits in the historical East Sixth Street area that is currently being gentrified to all means possible. With the bad that gentrification brings, there is also the great, new places that are popping up. At only five months old, Lazarus will quench your craft beer thirst and also caffeinate you up to get through the day.


The beautiful glare of the Edison bulbs, the background of brewing equipment, the nice lounge area and the many picnic tables and community tables, Lazarus is a nice place to hang out with all of your friends or sit solo doing your homework. They have a huge bracket shaped bar where multiple bartenders will help you willingly.  The place calls for relaxation and quiet or loud quality time with your friends or family.

Food and Beer

Initially I did not know what kind of food they had available. Because of this lack of knowledge, I was quite surprised by the menu of high quality tacos and tortas! The tacos start off at $2.95 and the tortas start are $9.95 and are huge! I had the el pastor taco and was mightily impressed.

Beer starts off at $5.00 or so and is not a large collection; but you will not see more than one type of beer. Meaning that there is only one lager, one American IPA and so on. I had the 40 Days & 40 Nights which is an American IPA. It was filled with hoppy goodness, but not as in-your-face as most other IPAs can be.


I went there for the sole reason to finish my last and final blog posting. Walking in I found out that they had a free password protected WiFi that you, as a guest, can use. It was great with great speed. I had a fully charged computer so I didn’t really look for a plug because I ended up just having a chill night with my brother.


Lazarus Brewing Company is a place that I will try to frequent now knowing where it is. I enjoyed the hour I was there and look forward to going back again. The food is good and the beer is better and this place made for a great final review blog post.


1902 E. 6th Street, Austin, TX 78702
Monday through Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 12 a.m.
Saturday and Sunday: 10 a.m. to 12 a.m.

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Moontower Saloon

So we have made it this far together. Over the course of my spring 2017 semester I have enjoyed a lot of booze, a lot of studying and spending a lot of money. However the end is nigh!

Therefore my last two posts will be more about relaxing, less about studying.

I am currently sitting at Moontower Saloon, listening to blues and trying to finish the little assignments I have left. It is a nice day and the sun is going down. The people are out in full-force consuming alcohol and enjoying one another’s company. Sadly I am not here for entertainment just yet.


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Moontower Saloon can entertain hundreds and hundreds of people. Nestled in the wooded area on the far south part of Manacha Road, Moontower has tables, chairs, log benches… well just about any type of chair you could imagine outside. Sitting on 11 acres, you can enjoy music, pool, darts, corn hole, volleyball on three courts, late night movies on the green area and importantly enough, alcohol!

The parking gets pretty hectic, even in the early afternoon. But for this atmosphere, I wouldn’t expect anything less. Because after a full semester of tough work (or tough day at the office), this is the place that you want to come to. Bring one friend or 50, this place can accommodate you with ease letting you have a nice and leisurely afternoon.

Food and Beer

The food consists of two food trucks: Salt Lick BBQ (yes you read that correctly) and Triplewide. Triplewide has a random collection of your favorite bar/outside foods.  But what is best is the Salt Lick BBQ food trailer where you can enjoy some of the best barbecue around.

They have your typical beer and liquor here. However, there is one exception and that is they do not have PBR; but a good alternative is the $3.25 Lone Star which will quench your thirst as always.


Moontower Saloon has a free, public WiFi that I have used seldomly and there are not many plugs available. But honestly who cares. This place is gorgeous and I would not expect anyone (with the exception of me right now) to be here doing work.


Moontown Saloon is fast becoming an Austin landmark. I do not come here enough to say that I feel at home, but that is ok because when I do come here, relaxation and quality time with friends is what I am looking for.

Making the trip here will not disappoint you and I highly suggest you stay for at least five hours.


10212 Manchaca Road, Austin, TX 78748
Monday through Saturday: 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.
Sunday: 12 p.m. to 2 a.m.

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Know Your Bartender

I recently did a post over Corner Bar Austin discussing the pros of studying at the South Lamar Blvd. bar. Luckily for me I was able to go back, have a beer and do an interview for a project for my Fundamentals of Digital Online Media class.

I sat down with Justin Rahm where we discussed the how, why, and when he moved to Austin, started working at Corner Bar Austin and where his plans are taking him in the future.


A big thank you to Corner Bar Austin and, more importantly, Justin Rahm for allowing me to make my video on premises and taking time out of their busy day.

Corner Bar Austin


Corner Bar Austin in located just as the name suggest, on a corner. It is another bustling bar on the very popular South Lamar Blvd. that sits adjacent to many other local watering holes. The location of this particular bar is what gave me the idea to study here. After studying I can either plant myself here or I can walk either north or south and end up somewhere else.


Since it opened in a renovated gas station in 2012, Corner Bar has been a nice and clean place to hang out with friends. With their concrete bar tops, darts, corn hole, many picnic tables and heavy duty interior tables, this small establishment has a lot to offer. On a beautiful day you can catch the exterior packed more than the interior with people enjoying the entertainment that South Lamar can provide them.

Food and Beer

One thing many people notice when pulling up to Corner Bar is the food truck right outside the front doors. Brown’s Bar-B-Que has been blessing this area of South Lamar with the sweet smell of barbeque for years now. This symbiotic relationship exist and works because of the benefits to each business. Corner Bar doesn’t need a large back-of-house to provide its customers with food and Brown’s doesn’t need to have a liquor license. This relationship is wonderful for us, the consumer. If bar-be-que doesn’t suit your needs, Corner Bar offers complimentary popcorn.

The drink cost can reflect the cost of doing business in this area of Austin. They have competitive drink prices and have daily drink and happy hour specials. The daily drinks are great and the cost of a PBR will set you back $3.00.


WiFi is available to everyone via a public WiFi connect. It is durable if you do not get sidetracked playing with darts outside. Plugs are intermittent but are located throughout the place. The patios even have a few you can use but always remember to charge before going anywhere to study.


Corner Bar is a great addition to the great bar scene we have in Austin. Its location is perfect for studying during the day venturing around this ever growing part of town. Brown’s out front will leave you licking your chops just from the smell of smoke alone and I have yet to hear a bad song play on the radio.

They tend to open a little later than other places I reviewed but that should not stop you from coming if you can during the week to get some work done.


1901 S. Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78704
Monday through Wednesday: 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Thursday through Sunday: 12 p.m. to 2 a.m.

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Santa Rita Cantina – South

Located in the heart of the Circle C area, Santa Rita Cantina is where I have spent countless hours doing homework, drinking Dos XX and margaritas, watching TV and waiting for my girlfriend to get off work. With quite a few great waiters/waitresses and lower management, Santa Rita has almost always been warm and inviting to me when studying.


SRCSanta Rita’s interior is bright and fun. They have a three-section dining area that is partitioned off with a wall of shoe trees along with other types of funky art. The interior has a sort of Chuy’s vibe with wall murals done by Federico Archuleta, a local Austin artist. The bar seats around 12 people and has booths, tables and high top tables. Each area of the restaurant has TVs always tuned in on sports channels. They have a large outside patio that is equipped with tables, picnic benches and a TV. There is even a large party room to rent for that special event.

Food and Beer

Santa Rita’s food is made-from-scratch Tex-Mex. My personal favorite items are the quesadillas and the queso, but hey, I am an easy man. They have award winning hot sauce that is made fresh daily and may or may not burn your mouth.

The beer selection is not the biggest I have ever seen but gets the job done. They have a few Texas beers and your typical Mexican beer selection. They have frozen margaritas (which I drink there more than anything) and a pretty decent selection of liquors and wine.

The happy hour prices have recently gone up but you can still get a nice margarita for a few a few bucks and Tecate is $2.00. Outside of happy hour you can get a Lone Star bottle for $3.00. There is also quite a bit of food on the happy hour menu to hold you over until dinner.


Santa Rita has password protected WiFi and it isn’t the greatest. Ask an employee for help with the password. The best place for WiFi is in the bar. There are a few plugs scattered throughout the establishment and there is a plug conveniently located on the left side of the bar. Other than that, make sure you are fully charged and you are not taking any important exams.


Santa Rita Cantina is a pretty good place to go. It is the only mexican restaurant in the Circle C area and it is pretty tasty. The recent price increase on some of the drinks is a real bummer. Otherwise, Santa Rita is a nice get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


5900 W. Slaughter Ln., Austin, Texas, 78749
Monday through Thursday: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Friday through Saturday: 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Sunday: 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

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Red’s Porch

Red’s Porch sits atop the eastern edge of the Barton Creek Greenbelt. There you see a spectacular, broad view of trees and sky from their second floor patio. Since it opened in 2009, it has been a go-to place to take friends and family from out of town to show just how beautiful Austin can be. Just recently I started taking advantage of their indoor lounge area to get comfortable and do school work for hours at a time while sipping a margarita from their happy hour menu.


Red’s lounge area features old board games. 

Red’s essentially has nine places to sit and chill: Downstairs and upstairs bar, two separate patios, an upstairs deck, two separated dining areas, a lounge area with sofas and coffee tables and an outdoor gaming area. This gives you the choice of where to sit that is dependent on your mood. Each area has a different feel to it but with a common theme of TVs and great music playing over the PA.

The lounge area is the place to be when studying though. It is very limited when room is concerned but the couches are some of the most comfortable furniture my fine butt has ever had the pleasure to sit on.

Food and Beer

The food at Red’s will leave you with that southern, belt loosening, fullness. They have a mixture of Tex-Mex and soups, but their burgers and “Meals” are where it’s at. The Red’s Southern Chicken Fried Chicken with a side of Green Chili Mac ‘n’ Cheese is a favorite of many people who come to eat here. They also have a happy hour menu of typical bar foods that begins at 11:00 a.m. and ends at 7:00 p.m.

Like most places in Austin, Red’s drink menu is very extensive. They have rolling taps and their website even has up-to-date information on what is currently available. The most important thing about Red’s is their happy hour menu for drinks and the length of time in which their happy hour spans.  Starting at 11:00 a.m. and ending at 7:00 p.m., Red’s happy hour is the perfect time to come in and do your school work (or anything in general) and enjoy yourself. It boils down to $2.00 PBRs, $3.00 wells and $4.00 frozen margaritas.


The WiFi is private but is available for guest. Just request the password from the waiter or waitress and you will be connected to the world. However, since a majority of the seating is outside you should come fully charged. There are outlets located throughout the restaurant and all you have to do is ask or find one.


Red’s is a great place to go when doing computer based homework that doesn’t require a lot of deep thought. Because of their location and their variety of things to offer, I would recommend you bring out-of-towners here to show them one of the many places that Austin has to offer.


3508 S. Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78704
Monday through Saturday: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Sunday: 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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