Study Drunk Presents: A Blog Review

In keeping with the alcohol theme, I decided to review another blog that deals with alcohol. In the midst of my searches to find the blog that “felt right,” I found Stories From the Pub, a beer and spirits review site that sometimes tells of the adventures in finding new beers or spirits.

The blog is written by one gentleman who, after trying hundreds of different types of beers and spirits, rates alcohol in the fashion of The Beer Advocate. He is whisky and beer orientated but does not stop just there. With over 100 posts, you can find great descriptions of most types of beers, whiskeys and other types of spirits.

He uses a scale starting at zero to “fucking excellent.” He differentiates the scales depending on whether it is whisky (1-100 scale) or other spirits or beers (1-6 scale).

Screen grab of Stories From The Pub home screen

Site Navigation

His site is easy to use. He has a link to the list of all the alcohol he has rated for easy navigation. Instead of the entire post being presented on the main page, he uses an excerpt to describe the alcohol with a picture so the reader can click “continue reading” if they are interested in learning more.


The guy is “just a guy with dreams of opening a brewpub one day.” If you would like to get a more personal suggestion or rating of an obscure beer or whiskey, this may be the place to go.






Backspin Sports Bar and Grill

bs1Backspin was my home for about two years. Every night I would close my store and my coworkers and I would go and drink ourselves into a stupor. They set the requirements for cost of alcohol and their food has always been great.

This may be the only thing I write that contains massive amounts of unfair, positive judgement.  


Backspin is located on the tail end of MoPac in the Circle C area of Austin. With it’s location, Backspin is the only bar in the general area that is open until 2:00a.m. The bar has a patio, TVs, a long bar and some of the best wait staff I have ever met. You will find a bunch of regulars at this bar and on the weekends you will find this place packed to the brim.

Food and Beer

The food at Backspin is great. The chef is constantly changing the menu. If something doesn’t work out they replace it with something new. Their hamburgers are phenomenal. However, their kitchen does close around 11:00p.m. but keeps a limited menu consisting of…PIZZA!

bs2The beer is cheap as well. They have $2.50 tall boy PBR’s, $2.50 pint Ziegenbock and well shots ranging from $3.00-$3.50. But if you require something a bit more expensive they have you covered with their massive beer and top shelf liquor selection.

They have daily drink specials ranging from Texas beers and liquors to wine Wednesday. Keeping with the basics, you should save some money and have a great time doing so.


The WiFi is password protected and asking a waitress will land you the magical words. It is reliable and I have personally successfully completed an online exam with no interruptions. They do lack plugs but you can find a table or two to get you charging. Again, asking a waitress for help and they will be thankful to lend assistance.


Backspin is a great place to go when you are charged, the sun is shining and want to get away from the typical people who frequent the more populated bars. If you are a good person who respect the waitress and come back again and again, you will love this place.


5000 W Slaughter Ln #206, Austin, TX 78749
Monday through Sunday: 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Black Sheep Lodge

BSL has been my go-to bar for many years now. Before college my friends and I would go for the great atmosphere, the TV covered walls, and the great daily drink specials. Now I go more to study and drink.


Black Sheep Lodge is located on the thriving South Lamar Blvd.  If you live in the southern part of Austin, you may have already been there. During the day there is not a lot patrons and seats are easy to find. At night it can get pretty busy so daytime is your best bet to be out of the way and get some work done.

Food and Beer

The food is your typical bar fare with their most notable being the hamburgers. The prices are a bit high but they do have a great lunch menu that will not set you back. The queso is good for snacking and comes with refillable chips.

img_20170212_190512The one thing that keeps me going back to BSL is the amazing daily drink specials. BSL has a tremendous selection of beers on tap and in bottles/cans. They have can beer specials throughout the week. However, one day beats out the rest: Wednesday’s. On Wednesday’s they have $1.00 White Trash Cans which include Lone State and PBR tall boys. Saturday will quench your liquor kick and will only set you back $3.00 for well drinks.


BSL has public WiFi which seems to be reliable. It is better for you to have all your electronics charged but just in case there are plugs located throughout the place.


2108 S Lamar Blvd Austin, TX 78704
Sunday through Friday: 11am to 12am
Saturday: 11am to 1am
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An Introduction

img_6499College is a tough time for some. Trying to be responsible and juggling a social life with little to no money can be very difficult. I am an older college student than most, but I still like drinking and oddly I like studying. Because of this, two years ago I started mixing the two and found some hot, and not so hot, places to chill for hours at a time.

When I first started college it was difficult for me to get into a groove. Studying was on the back burner because I wanted to “do things” out and about. With an assumption that I cannot be the only one that has experienced this conundrum, Study Drunk will do its damnedest on supplying you with the information needed to accommodate both.

This will be a place for reviews on restaurant/bars that meet certain criteria: cost of well drinks and beer, connectivity, environment, and food; the purpose being that you spend more time studying while enjoying yourself at the same time.

One thing to remember, whether you are studying or just going for fun, is to tip the wait staff. This is the most crucial piece of information I can impart. You will be taking their time and section. Do not be a rude student/person. Tip them and they will remember you and be more inviting in future returns.

Recommendations and input is valued. Follow me on Twitter and holla atcha ya boy, Big Dane.